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AliSom Enterprise Services



Fibre access from Vodacom will meet a variety of business connectivity needs such as connecting to the internet, connecting different business sites to each other and a range of other business applications. A fibre connection is suitable for general use, but ideal for applications that demand high bandwidth e.g. hosting and cloud services.


Vodacom offers a managed microwave network access solution to provide high-speed, high-capacity business connectivity. It’s a cost-effective solution for areas where fixed line access is non-existent. It’s perfect for businesses with large data requirements such as VoIP and basic cloud services.

Managed Satellite

Vodacom’s satellite services offer connectivity virtually anywhere in South Africa, offering you peace of mind as you don’t have to worry about landline outages or copper theft.

APN (Access Point Name)

Safely access your company’s network and information from anywhere in the world. The need for “always on” connectivity to business information and applications through mobile technologies has become vital to every South African business.

Vodacom’s APN solution allows you and your employees’ access to your organisation’s network, key applications and information, conveniently and securely from virtually anywhere in the world. Corporate APNs (also known as Private APNs) are typically set up to terminate traffic onto an organisation’s LAN. Once a corporate user has established a connection on the corporate APN, the GSM device will be able to exchange data with the customer’s corporate network. Each SIM must first be provisioned on the Corporate’s APN to enable the Vodacom Network to route data traffic to the LAN

APN Data Manager

APN Data Manager is a client / server platform and software that provides managed access security. It allows remote access servers to communicate with a central server to authenticate dial-in users and authorise their access to your system or service. Its self-service portal enables you to manage your APN user base, user notifications and APN data allocation, putting you in complete control of your network.

Business Connect

Business Connect is an uncapped, uncontended, unshaped, managed, and business-grade internet service (with router) over the most feasible of our multiple access mediums. The service is packaged with a free wireless interim service that converts to your free backup service once the primary access medium is installed and includes a standard SLA with guaranteed availability and uptime. The free backup solution is capped at 100Gb but can be upgraded or topped up at standard data rates.

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Awarded Vodacom Business Partner Fixed Partner - 2018

Awarded Vodacom CEO Award for the Best Enterprise Channel - 2018

Awarded Vodacom Business Partner Award of Excellence - 2019

“ AliSom Enterprise Services operates in the broad ICT sector providing voice, data and data related products, various hardware, including handsets, modems, routers as well as technical support via accredited Repair Centres with trained and certified Data Technicians to all businesses, encompassing small, medium, large as well as Government Departments, Municipalities and SOE's. ”


“ In addition to our Business-to-Business Corporate offering, we also have the Vodacom Franchise & Dealer Outlets. ”

Click & Connect

“ The Click & Connect | Recharge Platform, is a mobile network independent pre-paid airtime and data-bundle recharging platform. It can be used by anyone who would like to top-up mobile devices with airtime and or data-bundles. ”

TechnoMobi | Online Store

“ Visit our Online Store for any and all of your mobile or fixed line needs as well as exclusive Deals and Pricing on a variety of products including Handsets and Accessories. ”